Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Finally, post number 2!

It's now late September, which makes me not a prolific blogger, but I hope to get going!  September is a crazy month!  School starting for me and the kids, activities gearing up and summer ending.  This month we have started school, Brownies (I am now a leader and district treasurer), and piano lessons.  We will be starting swimming next week and indoor soccer a couple weeks after that!  I love the structure and predictability of the school year but could have used a break in between fall routines and summer fun for transition.  The pool is down in the back yard, the cabin season is coming to a close.

Now let's talk about my academic progress - slow is a generous description.  I'm planning to be completely done my degree, thesis submitted and printed by the end of June.  To do that I'm going to need to start putting in some serious hours.  Being productive during the hours would also greatly help! 

To gear up for the new school year I tackled my home office.  This is the before photo.


This is after.

Ahhhh - before school started!

and this is today - the command centre.  Processing data on one computer and using the laptop for writing a paper.  Every geeky engineer's dream!

Getting down to work.  Next blog: Keeping my creative side alive!

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